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22 Top Tips from a twenty-two year old

So it’s just been over a week since my 22nd I am twenty t w o ?? It does not feel right at all, I feel like I should still only be 16, never mind an adult?? Anyhow, I saw this as an opportunity to write about twenty-two tips for anyone who needs them? Because I for one, wish I read these at some stage, or at least had some sense of ‘life knowledge’ that I kind of have now?

They’re basically things I’ve learnt over the years / have been told by someone else, things I try and tell myself and / or my friends and just random bits and bobs thrown in between. (These aren’t in any particular order, it’s too late to think about that side of things) Also – some of these are not your typical ‘life lessons’, most of them are just the little things…

  1.  “Whats for you won’t pass you!”
    – Or in other words ‘everything happens for a reason’ Personally, I prefer the former in this case. This life quote was said to me by one of my sisters when I was around 18 and waiting to hear about my ‘A’ level results, (shout out to Siobhan) and it has stuck with me ever since. Any time something doesn’t go the way you had hoped it would, or people enter and exit your life with no reason, just remember this statement, because if that opportunity, or that person was really for you, it would not have passed you.
  2. LUSH Buffy Body Butter is a MUST
    – This one is a public service announcement to everyone! Especially those who suffer from hives, eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, “chicken skin”, razor burn, or any type of rash-like bumps; ((although the bumps can be white too and kind of look like over-sized whitehead blemishes, especially in my case)) (gross i know, i hate them with a passion) ANYWAY, if you suffer from or have any of the said conditions then i recommend you pop yourself down to Lush and purchase this bad boy. For 90g it’s £6.95 and for 200g it’s £12.95, and it lasts ages too! It clears your skin within a matter of days/ week or so and you’ll not need moisturiser after the shower because it does it for you! simples.
  3. If a boy likes you, he will make the effort to speak to you
    -Wow, twenty-two you say? still having to suss out boys ‘mind games’ mind games, just a simple fact – he’s not into me. And I cannot stress this one enough for all you gals out there, “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” is not a real thing. A movie you must 100% watch is ‘He’s just not that into you’ – that’s when the penny drops haha
  4. Sore tummy? Peppermint Tea is your pal
    -Leave the teabag in and drink up! It helps your digestive system and reduces bloating!
  5. Boots Natural Collection eyeliner
    – If you love your liquid eyeliner, don’t splash the cash on those expensive brands! Natural Collection eyeliner is only £2.50, easy to apply and lasts all day!
  6. Yoga. Do it.
    – Need to de-stress and you’re not really up for cardio? I highly recommend doing some yoga! It takes your mind off things for a while and you feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards! It’s good for the mind, body and soul.
  7. Green Tea
    – I have been drinking this for quite some time now and let me tell you, it does have its benefits. Its usually associated for losing weight and it has been proven to do so, but if you’re feeling under the weather, drank too much alcohol at the weekend or just simply need a pick-me-up then green tea is the remedy for this!
  8. Vaseline is a no go for chapped lips
    – Winter is coming, along with cold nights and chapped lips. I would not grab Vaseline to fix this as it simply peels the skin off which makes you apply more and so you get yourself into a vicious cycle! Carmex is hands down the best thing to buy, not only does it keep your lips smooth, it also comes in cherry and strawberry flavour, so go buy yourself a wee pot and pucker up!
  9. Buy a packet of Tissues, a whole bunch of them
    – This is one item I always carry with me. Got the sniffles? Tissue. Spilled your drink? Tissue. There’s no toilet roll left in the bathrooms in the nightclub? Tissue!
  10. Your parents can spot a bad friend from a mile away – listen to them
    – Your siblings can spot this also, don’t try to block out this kind of noise, you’ll regret it in the long run
  11. You most likely won’t marry the person you’re with at the age of sixteen
    – This is a sad truth to be honest, but in reality you are too young to be in a serious relationship at that age, enjoy your teens!
  12. Go to University single
    – This one is quite a controversial statement. If by chance you are in a relationship when you start University and you truly believe that you’ll be with this person forever, hats off to you. But, again, the sad truth is, people mature, people grow up and as the saying goes ‘nothing lasts forever’
  13. #1 Household Product – Milton
    – Random, I know, but Milton just seems too be my answer for a lot of things around house. Got stubborn tea stains in your cup? Milton will clean them right up! Moving into a new place and don’t really fancy staining furniture with bleach? Grab some Milton!
  14. Life’s Little Emergency Kit
    – This is hands down thee cutest little gift you can get someone! I’m not sure if its done nationwide, but PIPs in Newry sell a little life emergency kits in a wee clear bag for £1! This is great for wedding favors and little pick-me-up gifts for friends. Find out more here
  15. Face Masks and Chill
    – After a busy day, one of the things that can make you go from 0 – 10 is slapping on a face mask, making a cup of tea and watching some Netflix
  16. People’s lives on Social Media aint real
    – But you somehow believe that they are, silly! Yon Billy-Joe over there may look like he’s living it up in his year out in Aus, but you don’t know that. When have you ever posted your doom and gloom days? Never. Remember that everyone is the same as you.
  17. Coffee and a gossip is one of the best kinds of therapy
    – Or even chilling in the car with some pals ranting away, these gossip session are a must and are hands down the best kind of therapy sessions
  18. Chilling with friends and watching a TV series is also a great distraction
    – If your day has been hella stressful, maybe you don’t want to think about that assignment due next week, gather some pals and binge watch that TV show you’ve been meaning to watch, it’ll help, I swear.
  19. Water and sleep – plenty, plenty, plenty
    – These are the two main things everyone needs. Cranky and need chocolate? You might just need some water and a power nap! Sore head? Nap and drink lots of water. Mad night out? Drink water and get a good rest after, you will feel golden in the morning..hopefully lol.
  20. #1 Top Study Tip
    -We all have took those tests in high school to find out ‘what kind of learner’ we are, but I feel whatever way you study, one of the best is to record yourself either throughout the day or at the end and once you’re in bed listen to it while scrolling through social media, or even while you sleep. All that info will surely make its way to your long-term memory and you’re bound to know the material when you revisit it!
  21. Chamomile Tea is thee best rescue remedy
    -Freaking out about an exam tomorrow? Maybe you can’t sleep? Drink some chamomile tea and you’ll feel so much more relaxed
  22. Be Kind, Always
    -You never know what is going on in other peoples lives, so why be a bitch?

Happy Blogging,
 -Lettie x 

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