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For those ‘Nice top and jeans’ kind of nights

We’ve all been there, you’ve planned a night out with your friends, going to sip a few cocktails, maybe take a few shots? But you’re stuck in the ‘what to wear’ department. The place your going to is the kind were you can wear a mini skirt, a dress or jeans, so you’re options are certainly not limited!

You want to wear something pretty… you think maybe a skirt but then you realise you will have to shave your legs (if you do this regularly when you go out) and tan yourself and ‘aint nobody got time for that – so in a panic you text your friend ‘what are you wearing!?!?’ she replies ‘awk just jeans and a nice top’. You, therefore, don’t want to be overly dressed and decide to go for this style too!

This is were Primark comes in (if you are a regular and loyal customer). Every month they are sure to be stocked with the latest cami tops for our last minute ‘nice top and jeans’ combo! Whatever the season, they do not fall short in this area in the ladies department, oh no! Plain and simple, sequin and glitter is usually the style for winter months and bright, colourful and patterns are usually stocked for summer! The best of it is, whatever season you buy them in, you can leave them in your wardrobe for ages and no doubt they will make an appearance!

These little beauties only cost £5 (or euro) in Primark recently. I have not had the chance to wear them yet, but no doubt I will get my use out of them. These colours are so perfect for summer and you most certainly can dress them up or dress them down. They are of course, one of the best options you can turn to for even last minute outings.


I feel cami tops are always going to be in style, whatever the weather!


Do you guys have a ‘go to’ top for those ‘jeans and a nice top’ kind of nights? I would love to know in the comments!


happy blogging,
Lettie x 

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