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Let your blonde shine with pro-voke!

This weeks Mid-Week Must have is two products..or well four! It’s Pro-voke shampoo and condition – in two kinds!

The ‘Touch of Silver’ (purple bottle) is for blonde, platinum or white hair and the ‘Liquid Blonde’ (gold bottle) is for highlighted blonde tones.

The touch of silver is like the bottle…purple! and it smells incredible ! 😍This product is more for people with full head of blonde hair (although I have highlights and I use it anyway) But it is more for in between your normal hair washing routine and this means you can have your colour for longer than you usually would as it combats dullness and gives a bright fresh look to your hair! 💁

The Liquid Blonde smells just as good and this one is for those people who have blonde tones and highlights running through their hair (like me! 🙋 ). It really brightens up the tones and makes them stand out from dark hair like mine, which means you can keep your highlights topped up for longer! Saves you running to the salon every few months!

I buy these in Semichem for £2 or £3 ! But I am also aware that Primark stock smaller versions of these – Success!



Have you tried these products? If not, what is your favourite product(s) to use for your dyed hair? 


happy blogging,
Lettie x

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