YES to not the fruit (or veg)…

..The two step nose kit, buh-bye blackheads!

I put a post on my Facebook last week that I would talk more about “yes to tomatoes – 2 step nose kit, buh-bye blackheads!

I have been seeing so many videos of girls using those peel off masks to get rid of blackheads and they end up near peeling their flesh off in the process. Some also tend to put it all over their face and not just the needed areas (Aka the nose). I don’t know, I think there is products for the whole face, but why not just buy normal face masks that smell delightful and don’t give your three-degree burns!?

Anyway! I have also saw how bad my nose was with regards to blackheads and to put it frank, I was just too lazy to do the research. The impulsive person that I am and just as impatient if I want something right away and I have to wait, I just went on to Google to find what the best black head remover was – and that’s when I found “Yes To… Tomatoes – 2 step nose kit, Buh-Bye Blackheads”. I decided to read some reviews and I was a bit apprehensive about the price (it’s £4.99 in Boots) but in the end I was convinced.

Skip forward to being home, showered and in my pj’s, I decided to give this thing a go. Now the instructions are easy enough to follow – there’s a weird gel you have to put on with a weird cottenbud applicator and then you have to wash it off

This was okay there was no yucky smell and you just had to continue to the next step – but if you’re like me and your brain goes a bit mush when you’re tired, don’t try to sit for 5 minutes attempting to take something off the nose strip when you didn’t have to, you just had to sit it on your nose once you removed the packaging

So, you obviously remove the strip from this plastic packaging, but of course I kept trying to remove “something” from the strip and I didn’t have to.. oops! Anyway, sense took over and I put the strip on for 10 minutes. What’s good about this strip is that nothing got on my hands or anything, just popped it on and I waited for the magic to happen.

(Kind of wish I put it a bit further down on my nose cause that’s were I feel more blackheads are but ah well) That’s another thing about this strip you can’t just take it off straight away to fix the position on your nose, you have to leave it or it’ll be pointless!

10 minutes later and voila! You can actually see what came off my nose, (the little white stuff) gross!

I actually thought the stip would be completely covered in impurities (how bad did I think my nose was!?) But my nose felt thee cleanest I have ever felt it in my life! Loads, if not all of my blackheads had gone and my skin felt revitalised. I couldn’t stop feeling it! It was so smooth and didn’t feel greasy like it did 10 minutes prior to me putting the strip on. I would highly recommend this if you want to give you’re nose a detox from all the impurities and blocked pores!

I will admit I was taken aback by the price since you can only get one use out of it but, it’s worth it if you want your nose to look and feel great!


Ps, apologies for not having photos of before and after, I cant quite hack the “taking pictures of my nose skill” just yet, but when I buy this again – I most certainly will, I shall try to take better pictures!
What products have you tried that have made your skin feel amazingly soft and clean?

🌼 comment below 🌼


happy blogging,
Lettie x

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