Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Week Posts

🍀 Day 1 🍀 of Mental Health Awareness week  – I wrote a blog post just raising awareness in general and provided numbers for those in need. Click here to read it ☺️

For the following days I put posts on my Facebook page. Keep reading to see what type of posts I had written:

✨Day 2✨ How to be there for someone with anxiety or depression:


Day 3
If life gets a bit too much, if your head is wrecked, remember to take care of your self. Self care is very important and on these kind of days you need to make self care a priority 



💚 Day 4 💚
This is why there is such a week. We need to Break. The. Stigma ❣


 Day 5  

Today, i’ll focus on a wee app that I feel is quite beneficial – Headspace. ☺️

If you’re having a bit of an off day, or a rough week and you don’t know how to relax, or maybe you’re having trouble sleeping – then this app is one I would highly recommend. The only thing is, it only allows you to have ten free sessions called ‘take 10’ before having to pay for a subscription to get access to everything.

However, if you are a student and have spotify, you can get BOTH for only £4.99 a month! Bargain! 👌🏼 Just follow this link –

Look after your mind 



 Day 6 

What mental illness looks like in the brain of someone who suffers compared to someone who doesn’t.

The stigma attached to these illnesses and many more needs to stop.

In relation to OCD, it’s not just about being clean and “picky ” like this stereotype is claiming. There are array of branches to OCD, intrusive thoughts, cleaning, putting things in order and many more. People need to educate themselves on things like this and have to stop assuming if someone has a certain mental illness, that they’re boxed into one category within that illness.

It’s okay not to be okay




💛 day 7 

A few photos for you all, if any of you are having a rough week/month or if 2017 just isn’t going the way you want it. Don’t give up. Look forward to the little things in life, look forward to a better tomorrow and you’ll look back and all the hard things will be worth it, it may not make sense right now, but when you come out the other side, my goodness will you be a stronger person 


And that’s Mental health awareness week done for another year. But we don’t have to wait another year to raise awareness, we can do it each week, each month etc. It’s an issue that needs to be talked about and the stigma most certainly needs to be cut from it.


Remember, you are not alone, you a loved and you are important. It is okay, not to be okay.


Stay strong,
Lettie x 

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