Swimwear you need in your beach bag – My top 10!

Hey guys!

So it is finally May! We are almost half way through 2017 already..scary!

Now, if you are currently living in Northern Ireland you will know that this week has been a ‘scorcher’ and as a typical Irish person would say “this is our summer!” because lets face it, come July / August time there will be without a doubt rain drops racing down the window!

And why not take advantage of such good weather? Maybe you could rummage through your drawers and pull out that piece of swimwear that hasn’t seen the sun in a year, or you could purchase that beachwear you have been dreaming of when the weather was gloomy! Or better yet, you can keep reading and maybe fall in-love with one of my top 10?

(Note: these are not ranked in any order)

Swimsuit – £14.99

newproject_1_original (1)I feel this one-piece kind of has that Baywatch vibe coming off it… I just realised the connection.. Baewatch…duh! This little number is only £14.99 in New look! What I like about this one is it gives you coverage at the front but has a scoop back making you feel a bit like Pamela Anderson in her youth!

Orange Swimsuit – £24.99 & Khaki Swimsuit – £18 


The crisscross front has been a design on many clothes this past year it has now made its way onto swimwear too! Why not take some style to the beach!? The colour and shape of these swimsuits are fab and you could easily wear a pair of shorts with them without a top because there is so many statement tops like this.

Bikini Top – £12
Bikini Bottoms – £6

I’m sure some of you have found the perfect swimming costume and then when you tried it on, it just quite didn’t fit properly around the chest. Well, worry not! This little two piece is a great bargain from Peacocks! The nautical is back in season and what better way to ‘flaunt what yo mamma gave you’ than to wear this! And even dive bomb into the pool without worrying your boobs are going to make an appearance (aka feeling confident and secure). My favourite colour is this kind of blue as well, so of course it makes me love it even more!

 Bikini Top – £6
 Bikini Bottom – £4

newproject_1_original (1)I absolutely love this two piece! The colour contrast really works well together and the top is no doubt going to shape your chest really well! Like I said in my very first post on Instagram the design of this bikini really resembles the poppy collection made by Triangl (not the same colours but you get my drift). Why dish out a fortune on a brand like that when you can get a replica in Primark for just £10! Bargain.

Bikini Top – £8
Bikini bottom Left – £6
Bikini Bottom Right – £8

newproject_2_original (2)

Who doesn’t love floral clothing!? Especially when it’s this colour! The red and deep blue contrast really well together. The halterneck design and twist bandeau style is perfect for when you’re catching some sun!

You can typically wear it with matching bottoms or if you are more comfortable in a high waisted bottom then go for a colour that is in the top half. I matched it with blue high waisted bottoms from Peacocks! I think the colour of them is not only fab, but it really brings out the deep blue against the pink in the top half!

newproject_2_original (3).pngIsn’t it great when we find the best piece of controlled underwear to put on when we’re hitting the town for the night or going to a wedding? But when it comes to beachwear, sometimes you just can’t find the right one. This then gives the idea of lazing by the pool/ on the beach in a swimsuit/bikini daunting.

However, it is fantastic when you find one that fits and supports you perfectly! That’s why i love this little Monochrome controlled swimsuit from Primark! The mixture of the design and the frills around the chest would make anyone feel that little bit more confident strutting their stuff around the resort. It really is a stylish piece.

Bikini Top – £6
Bikini Bottom – £5

newproject_2_original (5)Do you want a stylish bikini top that you can wear around the beach with a pair of shorts and not get glares? You don’t fancy wearing a swimsuit but can’t find a stylish two-piece? Do you want a bikini that covers a part of your stomach or back area that your a tiny bit insecure about? (you shouldn’t be BTW, you’re all perfect in your own way). AND its hella cute? Then this one is your go-to bikini!

Primark are really bringing out all of the fabulous swim wear this year and they step up their game by mixing great patterns with even better detail. For £11 how could you go wrong!?

Tankini top – £8
Bottom – £3

newproject_2_original (7)

A classic alternative to the swimsuit and bikini is the tankini. I haven’t seen many of these in shops or online as much as they use to, (maybe I didn’t look hard enough idk) but this fabulous palm print from Primark is a great two piece to put into your suitcase this summer! The palm design just reminds me Miami – so maybe if you are not going out foreign this year, buy this beauty, wear it, go to your nearest pool and let your mind take you to Miami!(haha)

Swimdress – £22 

newproject_2_original (6)

If the bikini, swimsuit or tankini isn’t for you then I would suggest going for this fabulous swim-dress! It may be black which could be a scorcher in the sun and it is one of the more expensive items on my list from Peacocks, but look at that detail in the Macrame straps – amazing!

It is the type of swimwear that would suit anyone, its cute, slimming and very stylish!

So, that’s it – my top 10 beachwear, all under £25! Your fashion sense doesn’t have to be expensive at all, you can look stylish and feel great without having to break the bank. I hope you were able to find your dream swim-piece through this post or gave you an idea of what you wanted, if not, thanks for the read! 🙂

happy blogging!


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